Convert Visitors into Customers – The Sellin Messenger Review!

Vikrant Tamhane, Digital Agency Owner, Mumbai

29 June 2018

Sellin messenger is a licensed Facebook software, which involves selling the products and the services through a click, which is done via FB messenger and converting visitors into messenger subscribers.

Signing up to Sellin messenger will enable you to recover abandoned carts at your websites and stores, and you will be eligible to earn more while you choose to use these approved services. The app is hassle-free; you will have the opportunity to sell on FB messenger on autopilot even while you sleep or inactive.

You will be able to receive and respond to the messages without even visiting the FB messenger. These messages can be accessed right inside the “Sell” option in messenger dashboard. One can import or ingress the products from Shopify commerce sites in one click. There is an option to add own products manually and begin to sell through FB messenger immediately.

The customer purchase history and the profile are maintained right inside the messenger, thus making it easier to retrieve, if you ever need the records. You will have the ability to establish interactive communication with your customers.

The in-built Facebook messenger will lead to a generation tool as it is effortless to build an unlimited targeted list. In one click, you can convey bulk messages to your customers. It has an open rate of 99% for all messages. You will be able to convert chat visitors into FB messenger leads and also get the ability to use messenger as a helpdesk tool and integrate it with Zapier. There is the availability of messenger payments transactions. The Sellin Messenger works well with all kind of websites, such as Shopify and WordPress among others and it will help you in recovering all the abandoned carts.

The best way to convert Visitors into Subscribers/ Customers

How to sign up to sell on FB Sellin messenger?

The first step is to connect your Facebook account with the messenger Mix-App. Then, you will be required to add your Facebook pages and add the products and the messages. Thereafter you will have to add the Facebook chat software to your website, and your account is ready to sell on autopilot, even when you sleep. The Sellin messenger FB app will give you information about the happy users, the messages sent, revenue generated and the total number of managed pages. When you sign-in to Sellin FB messenger, you get a chance to win because it’s an advertisement to specific clients with an intention to increase sales. Therefore, the Sellin FB messenger is a trusted platform, where sales can only be achieved through product awareness.

“Sellin Messenger is a hassle-free way of converting your Visitors into Paying Subscribers/Customers”

Offers available for using Sellin FB messenger

The technology in sell in messenger is a revolution that immediately creates visibility of products, traffic and increased sales without any learning.

A free copy of Sellin Messenger Suite: Ten free copies are always given away, whereby the winners get access to sell in messenger software and get all the upgrades for free.

Free live training webinar ticket: There are great opportunities to win cash prizes. Those attending the webinar get an opportunity to access live case studies and receive the bonuses which are worth many dollars.

Sign up for free demo gifts: There are several opportunities to sign up and win. All these opportunities are available in the messenger technology that increases the visibility traffic and the sales, with zero learning curve instantly. All the winners are announced through the email.

Once you subscribe, the messenger chat will engage the sell products to your website, Facebook visitors and handle support on Autopilot. Once you sign up for Sellin messenger, you need not worry since the connection will be made automatically even when you aren’t active.