Is Keysearch really Worth It?

Vikrant Tamhane, Digital Agency Owner, Mumbai

30 June 2018

If you own a website or a blog, you probably know the importance of using keywords in your content. Keywords are basically the magic words that, if used properly in your written content, can give you great rankings on SERPs.

There are lots of tools on the internet that help you find keywords and analyze your website’s rankings on SERPs. But many of these tools are ineffective and there are times when people realize this after they’ve spent a fortune on them. That’s probably why you’re reading this Keysearch review: to ensure that you’re spending your money on something legit.

So, let’s get into it, shall we?

Keysearch is a keyword research tool that also offers a host of other services to streamline your Search Engine Optimization. Let’s look at some of its key features:

Keyword research. This feature offers a user-friendly interface for you to enter your seed keyword in. It then locates related keywords and the search volume, pay per click and cost per click for each one. It also allows you to get high-quality results using its Keyword Planner, Google Suggest, Amazon Suggest, YouTube Suggest finders and a database of over 1 billion keywords.

Competition analysis. Keysearch’s difficulty checker uses difficulty scores to rate the difficulty of ranking using a specific keyword. This way, you can enhance your ranking using low-competition keywords before your competitors do. It also offers a first-page search analysis for you to see the competition for your keyword. Keysearch also offers bulk checks for multiple keywords so that you don’t have to check one at a time.

Deep Analysis. This feature provides you with more data on your keyword along with Latent Semantic Indexing keywords to enhance your ranking.

Rank tracking. This tool automatically tracks your rankings and progress on SERPs. You can opt for notifications to receive ranking updates and also group keywords and generate reports. It also allows you to search backlinks, organic keyword rankings, etc. for your site as well as your competitors’ so that you can keep an eye on your competition.

Page Analyzer. The Page Analyzer checks your website and provides you with information on the aspects that require improvement.

Keysearch also offers tools like YouTube competition research, API & white label reporting, etc.

Keysearch beats AHREFS in terms of price big time!

How is it priced?

Compared to other research tools available today, Keysearch is highly cost-effective and is a great option for those who are new to SEO.

Keysearch offers a one-month free trial without you having to provide any credit card information. It gives you 3 daily searches with analysis and 3 daily super searches. It does not, however, give you rank tracker keywords and link analysis access. Click here to get started!

Starter pack. This costs $17 a month but you get a discounted price of $169 if you opt for a yearly subscription (wherein you can save $35 a year). This gives you access to all of Keysearch’s features. You get 200 daily searches with analysis, 20 daily super searches and 80 rank tracker keywords.

Pro pack. The monthly subscription costs $34 while the discounted price of the annual subscription is $279 (wherein you can save $129 a year). This, too, gives you full access to all of Keysearch’s features. Here, you get 500 daily searches with analysis, 50 daily super searches and 200 rank tracker keywords.

“Keysearch is the perfect cheaper alternative to the overpriced AHREFS”

Still confused as to whether or not you should use Keysearch? Let’s go over the pros and cons before you finally decide.

The pros

  • Free trial. Take it for a spin you spend any of your money on it.
  • It provides great value for money by giving high-quality results at reasonable costs.
  • Keysearch is constantly upgrading their system by offering new tools and increasing search limits.
  • Through its support staff and video tutorials, Keysearch helps you streamline your experience.
  • User-friendly interface. Keysearch uses color-coordinated tables and graphs to analyze results of your searches and adopts an easy-to-understand approach to explain trends, ranking difficulty, etc.

The cons

  • Limited searches. Even though Keysearch occasionally increases its search limits, the fact remains that it offers limited searches which may not be suitable for large-scale entities.
  • Website title not visible in the Search Results table. Keysearch presents results of multiple URLs and the keywords they’re ranking for in the form of a table. While this is highly convenient, it shows the URLs instead of the webpage titles which may make comparisons a little tricky to make.

This brings us to the final part of this Keysearch review.

The verdict:

In this Keysearch review we went over many aspects of the site’s functioning. Overall, Keysearch is the most cost-effective research tool, which offers high-quality features to up your SEO game. Its simplicity and user-oriented design are ideal for beginners, so for those with new websites, blogs, etc. it’s a great tool to invest in. It’s getting better by the day thanks to the new upgrades they’ve been introducing and is a must-have for your journey up the SERP.

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